To make it as easy as possible for you to order the most delicious sweets from all over the world in our Sweet Shop, Kiki, Coco, Coozy, Kid and Sunny have introduced eight categories for you. For all fans of American sweets, our American category is just right! Here you can decide in the second step where the taste journey should go. Whether it's American drinks or other American sweets like chocolate, crisps, wine gums and cereals, one thing is for sure: SugarGang will sweeten your day.

Since Asian sweets tempt many of you just as much as American sweets, our five Sugar experts have travelled through various Asian countries to find the best sweets for you. Here, you should ask yourself which treats belong in your candy box. Do you prefer Japanese sweets, Indian sweets or Chinese sweets? Our SugarGang's tip: Have a taste!

No matter what you decide, you can again filter this category according to the product category that appeals to you the most.

Of course, our home continent of Europe is not neglected by Kiki, Coco, Coozy, Kid and Sunny. If you're into international sweets and want to try all the flavours around the globe, you definitely have to stop by here. Because it's not just America and Asia that have delicious sweets. So what are you waiting for? Just add a second filter and let the taste guide you to browse in just the right place.

As you already know, SugarGang is on a mission to find you the most delicious sweets from around the world. Now you can make your search for the best international snacks in our Sweet Shop even more convenient. With our new SugarGang subscription, you'll get a packed candy box every month, featuring the latest and hottest products. From American drinks, like the most exotic Fanta flavours, to chocolate from around the world, there really is something for everyone! And best of all, Kiki, Coco, Coozy, Kid and Sunny choose the products for you, and no one knows the world of sweets better than our 5 Sugar experts.