Have you always wondered which American Sweets are the most popular sweets in our sweets shop? Then read on, because SugarGang shows you the trendiest & most popular sweets from all over the world.

The incredibly famous Sour Patch from the USA are fruit gums that are a typical American candy and will delight every fan of sweets! In numerous, fruity varieties, this American candy is guaranteed to meet every taste and at the same time gives you the perfect mix of sweet & sour.

If fruit gums don't convince you, SugarGang recommends original American chocolate. Reese's is one of the most famous chocolates from around the world and is an American Candy that will blow any chocolate fan away! Kiki, Coco, Coozy, Kid & Sunny have procured numerous products from the American brand and make it possible for you to buy Reese's in Germany in our candy shop.

But not only Reese's is good American chocolate, Hershey's is also one of the best sweets from all over the world. The SugarGang loves Hershey's just as much as you will love it, and that's exactly why we have stocked up enough so that you can order your favourite sweets at any time.

SugarGang also has the perfect sweets for those little coffee breaks in between! Kiki, Coco, Couzy, Kid and Sunny not only have American sweets, but are also constantly on the lookout for new, international cake snacks. The best-known snacks come from the American brand Hostess, which has been a bestseller in supermarkets in the USA for ages. In addition, the SugarGang loves all the Oreo varieties from the USA and brings them to us in Germany so that you can order these delicious sweets online from us.

But one thing is very important: Kiki, Coco, Coozy, Kid and Sunny also have crisps from all over the world on offer for you! Like almost everywhere else, American crisps are right up there with the rest. Herr's chips from the USA stand for a long American tradition and are also gaining in popularity in Germany. So go ahead, fill your sweets box with the numerous varieties of American crisps, as well as other incredibly delicious crisps from all over the world.

In our Sweet Shop, you have a huge selection of the best foreign sweets. Whether it's American Candy or different types of Fanta, the SugarGang has just the right thing for all of you! So don't hesitate too long, because we have the largest selection of sweets from all over the world, as well as the hottest soft drinks.

You can choose from a wide variety of sweets, have everything packed in your own sweets box and order the world's best sweets online.