Do you fancy a Sugar Box filled to the brim with the most delicious sweets and drinks from all over the world? We'll explain what goes on behind the scenes until you can enjoy your candy box at home.

It all starts with our product scouting. Kiki, Coco, Coozy, Kid and Sunny search daily for the hottest international sweets so you don't miss a taste around the globe. Whether American sweets or Japanese drinks, no continent is neglected by our SugarGang. The distance doesn't matter either, because Sunny's excellent flying skills mean she's always the first on the spot to spot the best tastes for you worldwide. Good teamwork is the key word here.

When our five Sugar experts return from their trip, they contact our SugarGang team directly so that we can buy the best sweets from all over the world in large quantities for you as quickly as possible. With the help of Kiki, Coco, Coozy, Kid and Sunny, our IT experts add all the products to our candy shop. Now it's just a few clicks until you can order your favourite sweets directly to your home.

After your order, the SugarGang forwards your wish list to our staff. Thanks to their long experience, all products are carefully packaged so that everything from American sweets to Japanese drinks arrives in perfect condition and you can dive straight into your sweet tooth.

In the final step, the packed candy boxes are picked up by our shipping company. Since everyone loves international sweets, we naturally offer Europe-wide shipping, because after all, our SugarGang doesn't want to deprive anyone of a real taste experience. Because when it comes to sweets and drinks from all over the world, we're all the same, here simply no one can resist.

Once you've arrived at home, the cool Sugar Box is ready to be snacked on.